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August 26, 2020

Play the Stacky Wacky Burger Demo!

available on the Google Play Store!


Stacky Wacky Burger utilizes stacking & tap mechanics, along with simulated physics in order to stack the tallest and wackiest burgers.

Toppings fly from both sides of the screen and come at different speeds challenging the players ability to place the toppings as close as they can to the center of the stack in order to keep their stack balanced.

Simulated physics provide stacking challenges along with sauces that cause surfaces to become slippery making players stacks to tip over. Multi-levels of fun!


Players start with a flat bun in the center which is the foundation of the burger for toppings to become stacked on top. The pieces of toppings (lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions cheese and meat patties) start to come in and go through to the other side of the screen from the left and from the right as players must tap to get the toping to the center as best as possible.

With each new layer in the stack that is placed the speed that the toppings come out gets faster evetime, becoming one of the many challenging factors as players start to stack their wacky burgers to the best of their abilities; furthermore, trying not to let the center of gravity become unstable and making the burger toppings stack fall.

Players win and progress levels if they are able to reach the minimum stack requirement and stack the top bun to complete the ticket order. Watch out for tricky sauces as ketchup makes it slippery and more challenging to stack toppings on top. Mayonnaise (Mayo Rush) will help you gain more valuable seconds with each topping placed on top as long as its an item remaining from your ticket order. Take a chance and see what the Mystery Boxes bring as sometimes they can be positive or sometimes negative, by either giving you items that will help you align your burger stack back to center or giving you a surprise item that will totally dirty or destroy your stack.

GRILL MODES (Game Modes):

There are 2 Stacky Wacky Burger grill modes: Ala Carte and Buffet Style!

1) A La Carte:

Stack all the items in the order list before time runs out! Play and progress through various fun and challenging ticket orders!

2) Buffet:

Stack the tallest and wackiest burgers! Each topping you stack allows you to increase your score and stack count. Progress by clearing each stack count requiered in order to receive and gain star!

TIP JAR (Store): (Coming Soon)

You can purchase fantastic and wacky power-up sauces and more amazing toppings here!

Stacky Wacky Burger is free to play, but optional in-game items require payment in the future!

Download the Stacky Wacky Burger demo on Google Play now!