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You have a shot at the Pantheon, and it’s time for you to prove yourself by leading the greatest and craziest collection of followers the ancient world has ever seen!

Command your demigods to solve puzzles!

Eternal life on Olympus can be dull, so Zeus is spicing things up with his latest big idea. The Lord of Lightning is hosting a wacky, wipeout style tournament, and the winner will claim his place among the Greek Gods. Everyone who’s anyone has turned up to compete. Your mission is to assume command of your tiny, obedient followers and lead them through a series of devious challenges that will stretch the limits of mortal imagination.

But, be warned! There’s never a dull moment in the playground of the Gods, and your adventure will be filled with wild twists and turns. Set a course through the calm Mediterranean shores, then find yourself thrust into the eerie depths of Tartarus. Plunge into the bitter winter of Demeter’s revenge and emerge into the fiery forge of Hephaestus. You’ll face terrifying adversaries and brain bending puzzles, but you’ll have supernatural help along the way: shield bearers, Medusa’s gaze, and much more!

SOLVE EPIC PUZZLES, Ugrade Units, Explore Epic Islands and Collect Rewards!

Like a modern Lemmings meets Lost Vikings, the game asks players to use puzzling, strategy, & creativity to overcome short puzzles packed with wild challenges!