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At Innovations Media we create compelling and high quality games and experiences tailored towards digital distribution platforms such as Mobile, VR, AR, PC, Console, with some of the world’s top cutting-edge creative talents and best technologies.

We create games and experiences from both original ideas as well as from existing designs or licenses. Although we do develop our own lPs, we mainly provide work for hire for full service project developments as well as for art or development outsource services.

Innovations Media focus is on creating innovative high quality work and aim to set new industry standards, and have built our company with the two primary goals of creating high quality content and creatively inspiring entertainment.


March 20th, 2018

America’s Next Top Model Mobile Game

America’s Next Top Model Mobile Game is Now Available on iOS

Innovations Media

Innovations Media will be attending the Macrorrueda 70 Business Match Making Forum in Bogota on March 21 and 22, 2018

January 16th, 2018

America’s Next Top Model Mobile Game

America’s Next Top Model Mobile Game is now available on Google Play

January 1th, 2018

Innovations Media

Innovations Media has a new corporate look and website for 2018

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Play in a tournament where you must fight against other warriors and against the fearsome beasts that wake up near to the crystals. Edit your character, change your appearance, improve your weapons to shape your own hero, as you advance you will face in online modes fighting in the arenas until you prove you are the best Paradox Rift warrior.If you survive you will discover that you are not there by chance, because as you destroy the crystals you will release something hidden in them, a power that has slowly been returning your own memories and that wants, at all costs, to revive along with them.

America's Next Top Model Mobile Game

Americas next top model mobile game, the game that allows you and everybody else to become a virtual top model and create your own fashion empire. Now, along the way in this amazing game you'r going to get tips from Tyra Banks and mayor fashion pros to help you grow in star power and hopefully become a worldwide model fenomenon.

Moonshot iO

Use your skill as a pilot of the most sophisticated space combat tanks and join a contest of titans where only the best have managed to control the moons, planets, and asteroids of the galaxy. Play online and use the parabolic shots to shoot your rivals who hide in the moons while trying to avoid theirs, remember that gravity will affect the trajectory, use it wisely.

Gold Craft

Magic and alchemy were blamed for the advent of the gray plague that almost wiped out humanity. The last alchemists fled before the persecution and hid themselves swearing to cleanse his name and find a cure. A cure that would remove the darkness so that the gold will shine again as before. You are one of the last alchemist alive and you must strengthen your knowledge and your power. Fulfill your mission and conquer the secrets of the alchemy.

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