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Goldcraft evolves the popular, addicting spell & match mechanics simultaneously.

Unveil the lost art of Alchemy in this unique fusion of spell and match gameplay mechanics.

Goldcraft: AlKimya Inquest takes you into a long forgotten realm and a journey that will test your language skills, strategy and wits. Immerse yourself in an exquisitely designed & elegantly mastered moment to moment game play experience as you unlock the secrets of Alchemy and GoldCraft, learning to transmute gold and restore knowledge to a shattered world Spell your way to collecting the base metals and unlock the secrets of AlKimya. Use your wits and draw upon your vocabulary to spell the longest words for the highest score.

Match the symbols representing each metal in chains and reveal unique metals that will transform your choices at every touch. Puzzle your way through the research game mode offering an addictive set of challenges.

Discover abilities that will allow you to manipulate the game board opening an infinite number of possibilities, empowering you with the knowledge to solve the toughest time and move based levels.

Transmute, earn or purchase gold to unlock celestial abilities and harness the power of astrology to destroy metals at your will.


Goldcraft: AlKimya Inquest is a thoughtful merge of addictive mechanics themed in a celestially designed and sophisticated game play experience embodying the fading art of Alchemy.


Take on the role of a novice Alchemist and pursue the ultimate form of enlightened purity! Goldcraft supersedes competitors by introducing first time concepts and features while maintaining and evolving the ever so popular spell and match mechanics simultaneously.

  • Tap & Swipe your way to spell words
  • Swipe symbols left, right, up or down to match symbols
  • Collect the metals and unlock the secrets of transmutation


  • Execute abilities to manipulate the game board to help you solve levels
  • Complete chapters and volumes to rediscover the lost art of Al chemy
  • Beautifully drawn graphics and animations using 2.5D techniques
  • Transmute to Gold and purchase in game items, unlock abilities and master Goldcraft: AlKimya Inquest
  • New Puzzles & Levels added regularly
  • Invite your Facebook and game center friends to receive permanent Focus boosts
  • Sync your game between devices when connected to the internet


GoldCraft is free to play, however, some in-game items such as runes & elixirs will require payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your devices settings.