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At Innovations Media we create compelling and high quality games and experiences tailored towards digital distribution platforms such as Mobile, VR, AR, PC, Console, with some of the world’s top cutting-edge creative talents and best technologies.

We create games and experiences from both original ideas as well as from existing designs or licenses. Although we do develop our own lPs, we mainly provide work for hire for full service project developments as well as for art or development outsource services.

Innovations Media focus is on creating innovative high quality work and aim to set new industry standards, and have built our company with the two primary goals of creating high quality content and creatively inspiring entertainment.


We prototype rapidly

Sofwate Lifecycle





Innovations Media uses agile development for projects delivery. We found that agile development addresses the challenges of market dynamics, customer satisfaction, and relating ROI directly to application quality. We place QA and testing services as one of the foundational pillars in the success of application development. Iterative testing follows the principles of the agile methodology, emphasizing unit testing and end user testing. We focus on an iterative approach where newly developed code is tested until quality is achieved based on feedback from stakeholders. We place emphasis on the entire project team working towards demonstrable quality.

The DISCOVER phase will allow Innovations Media to investigate and test all the backend integration points to both 3rd party vendors and customer’s technical internal systems and data feeds that the customer applications will depend on.

Innovations Media technical approach relies heavily on a thorough DISCOVERY Phase that will clearly define all dependencies listed by our clients and help craft the most effective project plan for the DESIGN and BUILD phases. We will ensure on time deliverables to our clients and smooth submissions into corresponding stores during the DELIVERY Phase.

Our Delivery Method - Roll -Out

Innovations Media approaches all professional services engagements in the same fashion. We follow a 4-phase model which includes a Discovery Phase, Design Phase, Development Phase, and a Delivery Phase in order to bring the most custom and feature-rich applications to life through diligently architected User Interfaces which, in turn, pave the way to unforgettable User Experiences. The following diagram outlines this methodology.

Innovations Media focuses our collective expertise on providing strategic, creative, and technological consultation for our clients through our professional services. Innovations Media process encompasses the entire product development lifecycle, beginning with brand research & analytics, followed by strategy & planning, user experience, and culminating in development and delivery of engaging solutions.


    Discover Phase
  • Kick-off Meeting – sets foundation of workflow and strategy to engage target audience
  • Business and Technical Requirements – identify the technical scope of the project to ensure appropriate accommodation of the required technologies
  • User Requirements – understand the needs of the people who will use the application
    • - Customer Research – conduct usability studies with involved users and stakeholders for information gathering and research
    • - User Personas/Scenarios – define typical users who are using the application and identify what they are going to do with it
    • - Design Direction – requirements for desired design look and feel
  • Information Architecture – conduct information architecture and taxonomy studies to create navigational structures enabling efficient information:
    • - Easy retrieval of desired information
    • - Adherence to all business objectives
    • - Correct document management
  • Navigation Models – develop workflows to maximize application usability
  • Confirm Design & Brand Requirements – client provides Innovations Media with projected vision
  • Conceptual Content Provided
  • Application Flow – final creation of information architecture model delivered


    Design Phase
  • Wireframe Creation – create architectural blueprints for project to provide client with a transparent view of function structure, prior to the creation of the design
  • Photoshop Design Composites – creation and presentation of full-color interface design built on approved wireframes
  • Functional Specification – mark-up of Photoshop composites detailing incorporated solutions for business and technical requirements


    Development Phase
  • Application UI Implementation – pre-production stage to build necessary UI elements that will be connected with the backend.
  • Application Architecture and Configuration
  • Application Business Logic & Data Layer – implement the application business logics and data access layer
  • Quality Assurance – performance system testing, issue resolution, user acceptance testing


    Delivery Phase
  • Deployment of Solution Package
  • Staging Environment Deployment – Build a staging environment against which new releases will be tested first before deploying to actual production
  • Certification Process – ensures the application is submitted to the intended application marketplace effectively
  • Knowledge Transfer - development team works with client in providing knowledge to manage the application
  • Training – train client team on using backend services and client applications to allow client team members on using the system and the various troubleshooting techniques to either resolve an issue or report it back to us in a manner that allows resolution to match the actual issue
  • Technical Manual / User Manual / Support Scripts – Provide technical manual for administrators, User manual for users and support personnel, and support scripts that allows a technical support person to walk the user through solving an issue.
  • During the DISCOVERY phase, an assessment of integration requirements of the client’s internal technical systems / data feeds as well as assessment of integration with third party vendors will be made.
  • The QA Process is an ongoing activity which starts in the DEVELOPMENT phase with a master plan.
  • During the DELIVERY Phase Innovations Media will do all the necessary testing to help ensure that customer applications will pass certification.



Do you want to join our crew of highly skilled programmers? The programmers we are looking for can work on prototypes, tools and a wide range of programming project needs. All programmers at Innovations Media assist in the design/strategy/implementation of major features and systems and work on both the internal engine and any third party engines.


The lucky candidate here at Innovations Media should understand all areas of art design and production including concept, character and environment creation, substance painter/designer, Zbrush sculpturing, FX, UI and animation. We are looking for flexible and multi-faceted artists who can cope with our unique visual style and who will be the driving force behind our projects.


We only seek highly collaborative, self-motivated candidates to develop concepts, gameplay mechanics and great user experience design for applications. The designer will work closely with the programming and artist teams and must be a good communicator. Here at Innovations Media, there's no pure game designer. Instead the designer carries also some project management tasks as well as taking care of the play testing process for games and application testing they will be working on.




Do you want to work at Innovations Media so badly that it’s all you can dream about?

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